Thursday, September 30, 2021

Films of the Month - July

I managed to watch way more films in July than I had watched in either May or June, so that was good. I watched eighteen films in all and enjoyed all of them! Here's what I saw:

I watched This is Paris which is on Netflix and which I'd recommend. Paris and I are a similar age and there's a lot about how abysmally she was treated by the press and so on in the mid 00s. I've been interested in her family because I've seen the first few seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which features Paris' aunts Kyle and Kim. So it was interesting to see some more of the family and Paris herself. I'd recommend this if you're interested in the Britney Spears case too 

Lee and I watched Finding Dory which I know we've seen but which Lee couldn't remember anything of. It's not as good as Finding Nemo but I do like it

We also watched Men in Black together which is one of my favourite films of alllllll time, I just love it so much!

Sam and I watched Frida together - I've never seen it but really wanted to. Sam had seen it before. Salma Hayek was really good, but the film as a whole didn't wow me 

Then we watched Dogma, keeping on the Salma Hayek film, which is one of my favourite films ever. I haven't seen it in ages so it was nice to revisit

I then happened to click on 'films' on iPlayer. I find Netflix doesn't understand my taste in film so is useless, but iPlayer had loads of films I wanted to see, so I started with Pride, which I love very much

I also watched Molly's Game on iPlayer, which is about a woman who ran a high stakes poker ring involving a number of celebrities - supposedly Leo Dicaprio and Topher Grace were involved. I liked it, it's really slick and fun, and Jessica Chastain is flawless

Lee wanted to watch Supersonic, the documentary about Oasis, so we watched that together. I've seen it before but it's quite funny so I didn't mind seeing it again

Summer Holiday was on iPlayer so I thought I'd give it a go. It's fun, funny, and kitsch, I quite enjoyed it

And The Producers was on iPlayer so I tried that too. I've never seen it before. I didn't love it but I'm glad to have seen it

Both iPlayer and Netflix were really wanting me to watch Yesterday so eventually I did. I saw it in the cinema and I do think it's cute 

I don't know how I heard about American Animals but I thought I'd give it a chance. It has the lovely Evan Peters in it, who I swear I would watch in literally anything cos I love him (have you seen Pose?). This is an interesting film about a heist - it's a true story and it has the real people being interviewed in it, and it's got a non linear structure that I quite liked. I recommend it

I went on a bit of a music thing towards the end of the month. I've never seen Sid & Nancy so I watched it. Gary Oldman is good but I didn't rate the film particularly. I did enjoy seeing baby Courtney Love though, bless her

I'd been listening to the podcast You're Wrong About and I really enjoyed the one on Kurt Cobain and copycat suicide (trigger warning for suicide, obviously!) and it made me want to watch Kurt & Courtney again. I have seen it before, probably about twenty years ago. I can remember all the hoohah about it being made and about Courtney refusing to have anything to do with it or allow any of Nirvana's music in it. Watching as a 37 year old, it just comes across as a bunch of men who hate Courtney for no reason (including her own DAD). I'm not saying Courtney is perfect but equally I don't believe she murdered Kurt or had him murdered or whatever. The film is very one sided and Nick Broomfield just comes off as a douche

So then because I was tweeting about Kurt & Courtney several people recommended Montage of Heck to me. It is much more evenly handed and was made with the agreement of Frances Bean Cobain. Courtney is in it - she mostly just seems sad and lonely. There's some lovely family recordings, including of Frances' first birthday, and some nice archive footage of Nirvana too. I liked this a lot

Something Lee said reminded me of The Graduate, so I went to watch that. I've seen it before but only once. Dustin Hoffman is great

I love School of Rock and needed something easy to watch so I watched it. I KNOW it could never happen but I like it, so cute

And finally I watched Bridesmaids, which I find comfort viewing too, I like it cos it's fun and kitsch and full of funny women!

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