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Day Out in Derbyshire 21st of February

Lee's company gave him a Monday off towards the end of February, and I wanted to go on an adventure, so I asked Sam if she wanted to join us to go to Derbyshire. I had three places planned - High Peak Bookstore, Bakewell, and Matlock. Everyone agreed, so we set off from Penistone around 9.45 and headed through the countryside to get to High Peak Bookstore. However, this was only the day after Storm Franklin, and there was a LOT of water on the roads, and debris everywhere. We didn't go through any deep water, so it was fine, but a lot of the roads had water streaming down the sides of them and spouting out of the most random places, too. We took it steady but I was very glad to get to the book shop!

I've been before - Sam and Jac and I went when we were staying nearby a few years ago. I bought one book then, this huge vegetarian cookbook that is such a great resource. But they sell all kinds of books so I was excited to go back. I still have money to spend from Christmas and my birthday, so I knew I could treat myself. 

I picked up three books - one about Women in Rock which was a bargain at £9.99, the Val McDermid one cos I like her stuff, and Charlotte Says, which is the sequel to a book I read a while ago. The shop has a TON of different genres of books and a lot of them are at outlet prices - the two paperback were only £2.99 each!

About 11.30 we set off to Bakewell, fortunately on better roads. We parked and went for lunch in the Rutland Arms. It's a chain, the same as where Lee and I recently ate in Thirsk, so I knew there were decent vegetarian choices for me. They were operating a limited menu as they hadn't had a delivery, but that was still fine. I went for the Moving Mountains plant based burger, which came with goats cheese and onions, and fries and coleslaw and a salad. I was impressed! You can make this vegan too, which is good. Sam and Lee both had fish and chips and said it was nice.

After lunch we went in a few shops. Lee bought a record and Sam bought herself some real ales. I got back in the car looking very wet and windswept. I'm on some new meds which can cause nausea, and I did feel a bit sick so Lee bought me a bottle of water. I bought the Agatha Christie book in a charity shop for just £1.50!

We set off for Matlock where we had planned to go to a couple of bookshops, but thanks to some roads being closed it took us a whole to get there. I wanted to go to Scarthin books, which isn't in the town itself, so we headed there. A friend of mine recommended it to me ages ago. As we got close, I didn't realise that it's close to Cromford Mills, where I've been a few times and where Lee and I visited last May. So we decided to go to the book shop first then go back to the mills. 

The bookshop is so cool, it has three floors and is crammed full of books! I didn't go upstairs as I was in pain, but I definitely want to go back and explore more when I'm not so tired. I bought one of the Heartstopped graphic novels, which I've heard so many good things about. It was £3 so perfect for me. We also met the shop cat, bless him. 

After the bookshop we went back to Cromford Mills and had a hot drink and an ice cream in the cafe. The sun had come out, but the water that comes through the site was really high and making such a torrent! I bought some cheese and crackers in the cheese shop. Lee was feeling rough by this point as he was still ill, so we set off home not too long after. We got home about 5pm! 

It was a really lovely day out and I'm glad we did it despite the weather. I am happy I bought books! I wore a plain black t-shirt, my netted Scarlett & Jo skirt that I've been wearing quite a lot recently, and striped Snag tights with my Dr Marten shoes. It was a nice warm outfit for wanering around! (With a hoodie too, obviously!)

Setting off on our adventure just as we picked Sam up 

I liked this sign in High Peak bookstore, at the entrance to the cafe

My veggie burger for lunch

The river in Bakewell was really high, you can't usually see it like you can here

Wet and windswept. My earrings are laser cut balls of wool, they're so cute!

The canal at Cromford Mills, it isn't usually as full as this

My outfit when we got home, the sun was coming right in from the living room windows

Tights and shoes! I love these tights, they remind me of being sixteen

The books I bought, I'm looking forward to all of these

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