Friday, July 24, 2015

Holiday Post #2

There won't be hundreds of these posts, I promise! Most of our holiday we did very little, but at the beginning we were quite busy. In the evening of our anniversary we drove to Saumur for something to eat. I have been to the town a few times, but Lee never had. As I said before the Loire river is my favourite place in France. The river is just majestic!

We ate at a restaurant called La Bourse which wasn't far from the main river bridge.

I don't know why this street had umbrellas strung up above it, but I liked them!

Wearing the Yours mesh top dress that I've shown here before.

Lee wearing a Bad Religion lyric t-shirt

My cafe Liegois for dessert - basically my favourite thing in France!

Lee's chocolate Liegois

The Loire upriver looking East

The Loire downriver towards the sunset. 

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