Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What I Wore May 31st

My mum's birthday is the end of May so we went out on the Sunday to Rinaldi's in Wakefield, it's an Italian restaurant and when it first opened it was an excellent Italian. It changed hands and went downhill so we always avoided it, but it's changed hands again and I'm happy to report the food was excellent, the prices are good, and the staff were lovely.

I wore the Claire Richards prom dress from Fashion World that I had for Big Boogie Prom last year. They also sent me the cardigan, which I hadn't worn at the prom but needed it this time as the end of May was chilly in Yorkshire! It's a really lovely cardigan, very soft and with nice long sleeves. I also rediscovered these purple leggings in the back of a drawer and thought they'd look nice with the dress (somehow black leggings just won't cut it)

I didn't entirely mean for my shoes to match too.

It's hard to see but there are dots of pink in the dress which match the cardigan

Here we are in the restaurant.

My mum and me

Drinking prosecco out of these lovely glasses!

My dessert was just delicious

And here's a better picture of the colour of the leggings! I need to wear them more! They were from Forever 21 about three years ago. 

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