Monday, July 20, 2015

Films of the Month - June 2015

Here's what I watched in June

1) Shelter (2007) - this is a very sweet story about a teenager who falls in love with his friend's brother. I love it and regularly watch it for comfort
2) Ocean's Eleven - I've never seen this so Lee and I watched it - I enjoyed it and would like to see the next one

3) Hot Girls Wanted - I think this is a Netflix exclusive, it's about young women in the porn industry. It's really interesting and sensitively done, so I would definitely recommend it.

4) Mysterious Skin - This is a really good film about two boys who are abused in childhood and how it effects their lives. I liked it; Joseph Gordon Levitt is really good in it
5) Minority Report - Lee's brother Andrew came to stay so we watched this with him - it's one of my favourite films even though I don't really like Tom Cruise
6) The Birds - again Andrew had never seen this so we watched it. I love Tippi Hedren (I share my birthday with her!)

7) Bridegroom - this is a really interesting film about a gay couple, one of whom dies falling off a roof, and how the other is affected by it and not protected legally - including not being allowed to plan his partner's funeral. Definite recommend
8) Annie (2014) - I loved the original film when I was younger, so thought I'd watch the remake. I thought Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx were both really good. I wish there'd been more songs!
9) Brassed Off - on the first night of our holiday Lee and I stayed in a place with a TV with built in video player! Remember those?! So we watched this, which is one of my favourite films EVER, Ewan's terrible accent notwithstanding.

What have you been watching recently?

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  1. I love Mysterious Skin but it's pretty traumatising to watch, too. Shelter sounds right up my street, will have to check it out.