Sunday, July 12, 2015

Visit to the Body Shop in Meadowhall

I was invited a few weeks ago to the Body Shop in Meadowhall for a blogger event where they were showcasing a new range of products, the Virgin Mojito range. I was slightly late, but when I got there I was shown to where the new products were being showcased.

The Mojito range is AMAZING. It smells strongly of lime and mint. Channel and Charlotte were really good at showing us all the products, and there were Virgin Mojitos to drink as well as a few nibbles. They also then showed us the skin care range and the make up range, before letting us loose to buy things. I came away with quite a lot and I also signed up for the Body Shop membership card. It is £5 but it got me 30% off my purchases (which already saved me more than the £5) and you also get free gifts with stamps and a free gift in your birthday month. I think that's quite a good deal!

Happy Hour is the right words!

Delicious icy virgin mojitos 

Skincare demo. 

Here I am after my makeover. I wasn't sure about the contouring on my cheeks but I liked the lipstick enough to buy it. 

And I loved the eyes! Amy Winehouse eat your heart out. 

Here's what I came away with - l-r Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet, Seaweed toner and cleanser, the lipstick, Virgin Mojito shower gel, and at the back is the blogger goodie bag I got!

Bonus picture of Lee in the Handmade Burger Co afterwards. He was drinking milkshake and got brainfreeze - ironic considering his t-shirt.... I thought I'd post a picture of him as I never do!

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