Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Holiday Post #4

So on the Sunday of our holiday, Lee and I left my godmother's house, went to a supermarket before it closed at midday, and took a slow meander down to Vayrac, on the Dordogne river, where we would be spending a week with our parents (not including my dad, who's dead).We arrived around 3.30pm, got settled in and had a swim, then waited for my mum, stepdad, Lee's dad and stepmum to arrive.

On the Monday my godmother came to stay for the night, so these are some photos from the Monday. We didn't do much except relax in the pool and have a barbecue!

My stepdad took this, we had champagne to toast our anniversary! L-R: Derek, Alison my godmother, Lee, me, my mum, Lee's dad Michael, his wife Mary.

I bought Lee a bunch of inflatables for our anniversary - the volleyball net, the basketball hoop, an airbed, and the pink donut

Lee and I

Everyone relaxing

How my mum spent a lot of the week

I mean how ridiculous is this thing! It's fab

Monday evening barbecue

Me being a fantastic fat babe in the donut on Tuesday

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