Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scarlett & Jo event at Meadowhall

As I said in my last post, I went along to a Scarlett & Jo event in Meadowhall last month. Georgina was one of the models in the new collection, and she's from Sheffield so the event was born. The designer of the collection, Gifi Fields, was also there, and it was interesting to listen to him talk about his visions of the collection, the fabric choices, and so on. I chose quite a few things to try on and took photos:

I mean look at the gorgeous colours and fabrics here!

Lolly looks amazing in this mock wrap dress, and she was impressed by the boob coverage 

I kind of liked this skirt - it had a lining and felt quite special - but I wasn't sure about the muted tones of the flowers. It felt a bit drab. 

I tucked the black cami into both these skirts which I think looks fab. I loved them both - they're just one layer, but the material is really silky. I decided on the green one, it had to come home!

This was the last one in the store, and although I could argue it was slightly too big for me, it was so reduced (especially with the generous 20% on top that Evans gave us) that it had to come home too. It's a real treat of a dress - it has the waistband similar to this S&J dress, and then a really gorgeous chiffon skirt. I like how fitted the top is as it makes my boobs look ace! However, it's quite a warm dress so I'll be waiting for cooler weather before I debut it properly!

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