Friday, July 3, 2015

Northwest Zine Fest 30th May

So as you'll remember that I really like zines, I write my own and I've been to Sheffield Zine Fest three years in a row now as well as other fests. My friend Ingrid and some others organised a zine fest in Manchester called Northwest Zine Fest, and they should be really proud of themselves as it was an excellent day. It was held at the Star & Garter pub which was the only downside as the upstairs rooms were hard to access, but it was still a GREAT day.

I should also mention that Lee and I have started a zine distro - basically a shop where you can buy lots of different zines. It will be online soon but in the meantime this was our first outing with a table, and we did really well, selling lots of zines and trading some too!

We went across to Manchester with Bettie and Jen, who provided delicious bagels for lunch. We set up the table (Bettie and I were sharing one with our distros) and then people started arriving and it all went by in a flash! I saw loads of friends which was lovely - I wish we'd got more time to chat!

Selfie on the way to pick up Bettie and Jen

My spell-your-own necklace said Shy Punk

This is Jen and Bettie and Kerrie sitting at Bettie's table.

Our distro with my handmade sign and Lee updating his status about the event! I made the bunting too, it's crocheted.

And here are all my lovely zines! 

This is Bettie with zines in her back pockets ready for trades! 

And here's all the lovely zines I came home with :D

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  1. I wish I'd been around for it (if memory serves I was either on my way to or coming home from the Netherlands that weekend), I would definitely have made the journey up to Manchester.