Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Photo An Hour 20th June

I joined in with Photo An Hour again on Instagram on 20th June, which was an excellent day for me! Here's some photos:

10ish and this is me post shower. Curls! 

11ish and I was post shower. Lee was still asleep.

12ish and I was at the Scarlett and Jo event in Meadowhall! Most pictures and details in the next post!

1ish and I was watching the gorgeous Lolly try on several of the S&J dresses

2ish and I got this photo with the stunning Georgina. I refuse to believe she ever looks bad!

3ish and Lolly and Katie were my lunch companions, we were in Las Iguanas.

4ish drinking strawberry daiquiris! Delicious!

5ish and I took doughnuts home for Lee, he requested the chocolate custard one especially

6ish and I was heading out again to the evening do of my friend Jenna's wedding. 

7ish and the sun was setting over Kelham Island in Sheffield, which is an absolutely stunning location for a wedding. It was lovely!

8ish and I was drinking prosecco - one of my favourite drinks

9ish and Jenna and James had their first dance. 

10ish - Lee and I in selfie mood

11ish and we left, past this --- something --- that I've no doubt was a very useful piece of equipment, but now it looks like a steampunk time machine!

Midnight and I was taking all my jewellery off, including this charm bracelet that I really need to wear more often!

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