Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Books of the Month - August

I really didn't read much in August either. I tried to get into two books and discarded them, and the others took me a while to get through. I will struggle to meet my goal of 80 books this year, but that's okay. 70 would be fine so I'll aim for that! Here's what I did read:

Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity. I liked this except for the fatphobia. I wrote more about this here

Under the Udala Trees is a very sweet novel set in Nigeria against the backdrop of the Biafran War, about a girl who isn't straight, and the relationships she has. I liked it a LOT.

Murder on the Orient Express. I read this for my online book club and kind of liked it, I thought some bits of it were just really strange. Everyone in the book club felt the same. Poirot isn't as his best here, but I've been watching the David Suchet TV programmes which are much better.

The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie. I heard about this when Natalie attended Grrrl Con in June. It's really good, a really decent debut novel. 

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