Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Meeting up with Friends - September 28th

At the end of Spemteber I met up with a few people at Meadowhall so I thought I'd share some photos. Laura had organised it. Rebecca is someone that I met through clothes swaps in Leeds, but she emmigrated to Canada four years ago, so when Laura knew she was back, she organised a meet up at Meadowhall.

Laura and Becks and I met up at 5pm and went to Simply Be, where I tried a few things only but only bought a top. Then they went to Yours but I wasn't feeling 100% so I decided to go to Las Iguanas where we had a table booked. I was seated early and had a drink and some tortilla chips. I didn't have a book with me which was a rookier error!

However the others soon arrived and then Georgina and Alfie arrived too. Cocktails at Las Iguanas are on 2for1 all day every day and they have some good non-alcoholic ones too, so we all got some. They seem to have revamped the menu recently which is really good. I had Brazilian chicken and coconut curry which came on a bed of rice with spring onions in. It was really nice! Georgina and I shared churros for dessert which were really hot and yummy. I'll definitely have to go back soon and taste a bunch of the cocktails!

We chatted for ages which was really nice, and only broke up the party at 8.30pm when I needed to get home. I bought some cake from Coffika for Lee on my way out of Meadowhall - their cakes are amazing and I highly recommend them!

Here's a few photos:

In the Simply Be changing room, I was wearing this Scarlett & Jo dress.

Showing off my necklace, it says "Strange and Unusual" haha

Lolly and me - this is Rebecca's phot

Sneaky photo by Rebecca

And finally a selfie of all of us, also by Rebecca. I had a lot of fun!

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  1. Sounds good! Also went to Last Iguanas recently and it was loads better than I remembered, they really have upped their game. Love your necklace too. Liz x