Saturday, October 7, 2017

What I Wore August 24th

On August 24th Lee was still on holiday, and we had to take my grandma to Whaley Bridge so that she could get on a canal boat. She was travelling through 51 locks and the Anderson Boat Lift over the course of a week, it looked like a really fun holiday. She is 91 but it seemed like they would look after her, all food was provided and stuff. She was sure to have a lot of fun just watching the world go by.

We went into a restaurant in Whaley Bridge and I had the WORST customer service ever. My food arrived, after 35 minutes, undercooked and cold, and a little bit congealed. I sent it back while Lee and my grandma ate theirs, but when it came back again, it still wasn't right. The waiter was really rude and while I'm never nasty to waiters, I had just had it. I told him there was no reason, in a restaurant with only three tables being used, why food should take 35 minutes and not be right, and for it then to take a further fifteen minutes and to STILL not be right. I walked out, refusing to eat it or pay for it. Lee and my grandma finished their food and then the waiter had the audacity to put my food on the bill! Lee argued with him and didn't pay. I know that the majority of waiters are busy, underpaid, and so on, but there were seven of us in there and there was just no excuse.

I was really upset and cried, and then I was hungry and upset and cried two more times. I just wanted to get home and sleep. Lee looked after me and my mum was really sympathetic on the phone. I wanted tro share this story because I look perfectly happy in this photo. Lee took it when we got home, so I'd been crying and had a terrible headache. What you see on social media isn't true, it isn't the whole story of someone's life. I tweeted a bit about being upset and got so many lovely responses of support. I talked about it to a couple of friends and felt better. I shared this photo on Instagram but didn't mention anything about my bad day. I didn't mention anything on Facebook. So only by following me on more than two platforms would you start to be able to form a picture of my day, and even then you wouldn't know what exactly happened.

Remember, you're living the soap opera of your own life, but you're only seeing the highlights reel of everyone else's. No one's life is perfect.

Anyway, I hadn't worn this dress in ages so I put it on. It's getting a bit bobbly, but it's really comfortable and I love the floral pattern. It's really old from Simply Be. Perfect summery dress!

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  1. It's so true... Even though I know in reality it's not the case, it's so easy to see people's smiley photos and think that everything is 100% great for them, all the time. And inevitably compare that to my own (obviously less perfect) life. Sorry you had such a crappy experience, there really is no excuse for that level of rudeness on the part of the waiter.

    Liz x
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