Sunday, October 15, 2017

Films of the Month - August

I had another slow month filmwise - there seemed to be tons of TV on that I wanted to watch instead. For instance, I watched Broken, with Sean Bean playing a Catholic priest in a Norther town, and Trust Me, a drama with new Dr Who Jodie Whittaker playing a nurse who steals her friend's medical certificates and poses as a doctor in Edinburgh. Both really good dramas, I'd recommend them!

I watched just four films in August, and all of them were when Lee and I were away in my mum's caravan. We thought beforehand about what we wanted to watch, and watched them on Lee's laptop. We watched:

Ghostbusters - the 2016 remake. It's great, I've only seen it a couple of times but I really like it. All the women are great but I think I like Abby the best. Melissa McCarthy can play me in the movie of my life. 

This is a ridiculous film but so funny too. I particularly like the joke about playing the "Isle of Lucy" festival. 

We'd been watching In The Thick of It, the TV show, so we decided to watch the film. I've not seen it before, Lee has though. I liked it. James Gandolfini was really good in it. I'll probably watch it again

We've not seen this in literally years. It's so depressing, but so good. Jack Nicholson is excellent in it. I want to watch Girl, Interrupted again now as it's sort of the women's version of this film isn't it. 

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