Friday, October 27, 2017

Films of the Month - September

I watched tons of films in September. I watched seven films with Lee, and a further seven by myself. Lee and I watched four films while away in the motorhome, because that's how we liked to unwind. I liked all the films I watched!

A Matter of Life and Death - I watched this for my online film club and I liked it a lot more than I thought I might! It's about a WWII pilot who escapes death, only heaven then comes after him to die, but he's fallen in love. It's good, watch it 

Rogue One - We hadn't seen this in ages. While I prefer The Force Awakens, I really like this one too. I can't wait for The Last Jedi. Star Wars forever. 

The Addams Family - We watched this while in the motorhome, I've not seen it in years. I actually prefer the other one

Finding Dory - We'd never seen this, even though we like Finding Nemo a lot. I liked it, I felt like it dragged in parts but it is a lot like the original 

Toy Story - We also hadn't seen this in forever. It's a classic isn't it, I can't believe it's so old now.

Center Stage - someone recommend this since I like films about dancing. I didn't love it and I'm not sure I'd watch it again, but I liked it enough.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks - One of my favourite films ever, I watched this as a comfort one afternoon

Toy Story 2 - Since we watched the first one we moved on to this. It's probably my favourite one.

Men in Black - also one of my favourite films ever, I just love Will Smith too much

Pariah - someone recommend this to me too, thanks if it was you! It's about a black girl coming to terms with her sexuality. I liked it. 

Far From the Madding Crowd - someone on Twitter said this had been on BBC so I watched it. I think it's a pretty faithful adaptation of the book.

Thelma and Louise - I last saw this film when I was way too young for it and was reminded of its existence so thought I'd watch it. I really liked it, it stands up to the test of time too 

Finding Nemo - again since we'd watched Dory we watched the first one. It is one of my favourite films ever. 

It Happened One Night - I don't know why I had this in my watch queue, but I did. I quite liked it - Clark Gable is a dish and Claudette Colbert is stunning. Fun film. 

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