Thursday, October 5, 2017

What I Wore 23rd August

I saw on Twitter recently that Debenhams was having a sale on Lindy Bop items so I thought I'd have a nosy. They only went up to a size 26, but I've heard that they can be generously sized so I thought I'd try. I ordered five dresses, they came really quickly. Two were a weird slippery material that I didn't like, so I didn't keep them. Two of the cotton dresses didn't fit me on the bodice, so I sent one back and I've kept the other. It's flamingo print, so really cute, and since the skirt fitted me I am going to chop off the bodice and make a waistband to make it a skirt. Since it was so much on sale I feel like this is an okay thing to do!

The fifth dress however was this one. It felt a little bit tight in the bodice, but it looked like it fit me, and I thought the pattern was cute so decided to keep it. I decided to wear it to go out with my mum and stepdad for Lee's birthday. We went up the street from our house to one of the best curry houses around - the Dilraj in Dodworth. We quite often get takeaway from there but we haven't been in to eat in ages. It was delicious, as usual!

The dress does feel tighter than what I would usually wear, but I really like it. Plus it has pockets! It feels really well made and I'll definitely keep an eye on Lindy Bop in the future.

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