Thursday, November 30, 2017

6th wedding of the year!

At the end of October we went to the sixth and final wedding we've been to this year. They've all been lovely and so different from each other and I've been glad to go to each of them. This last one was my friend Sarah's wedding, held in Sheffield so we didn't have far to go. The ceremony and the reception were held in a lovely venue. We couldn't stay very long into the evening as Lee had work to do, so we left just after the speeches around 6pm. The food was fantastic!

I didn't get many photos but here's just a couple:

My face! With make up on! I feel like I look utterly unlike myself here, for some reason. I wore my 'Rebecca' name necklace because Sarah bought it for me a few years ago 

Me and the bride herself. Sarah's dress was utterly beautiful, really sparkly and pretty

I'm wearing a Scarlett & Jo dress that I bought in the summer but I've been saving it for this wedding as I thought it would be nice in the autumn

The cake! Sarah's mum baked it and her grandma made the adorable decorations on top - Sarah and Tom's cat Stella is there too look!

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