Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Week in the Yorkshire Dales - Day 6

On the Thursday of our holiday we went to Grassington. I've been before, but it must be about twenty years ago now. I don't think Lee has ever been; I know I've never been with him. It was about twenty miles away from our cottage so a bit of a trek up hill and down dale, especially as we got stuck behind someone going really slowly. There were still floods in a few places but the weather had improved.

There's tons of interesting shops in Grassington and we went in loads. I even started Christmas shopping. We decided to have a pub lunch, so we both had fish and chips in the Black Horse at the top of the village. On the way back we stopped on the top of some hills to have some fresh air and a look around, it was lovely!

In the evening we had pancakes for tea. Lee had forgotten to get some kind of chocolate sauce so we made something by melting some dark chocolate into some warm cream, it was delicious. Pancakes are so easy, I don't know why we don't have them more!

On the way to Grassington

Following the world's slowest car 

I love the Dales and pictures like this show why

Enjoying a lunchtime cider

The very middle of the village

And down the same view 

This river on the way back was still really high and full

Another good Yorkshire view. I love drystone walls, they're amazing

Sheep on the actual road in the national park!

Lee up a hill

And finally, a not great photo of my pancakes - yummy though!

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  1. I feel like every February I make pancakes, think 'these are great, I should do this more', then proceed to wait another year before having pancakes again! X