Monday, November 6, 2017

What I Wore Sunday 8th October

As I said, Lee's mam and stepdad came down to see us for Sunday lunch at the pub in our village, the George and Dragon. We had rung to book a table and I was glad we had because it was quite busy and when a group came in who hadn't booked the landlord was really rude to them. It seems like he's rude quite a lot as we heard another group complaining about him later in the week, and TripAdvisor seems to agree! There's just no need to be like that!

Anyway, we each had two courses - a starter and a main. Everyone except me had soup to start with and they said it was really nice. I had beetroot cured salmon and a celeriac remoulade, it was so fancy and really nice! Then we all had roast dinner - Lee and Gary had chicken and Bev and I had beef. It had been slow cooked and was falling apart delicious. The potatoes and Yorkshire puddings were homemade and were really yummy. I'd recommend the food but not so much the service!

We didn't have dessert but they sounded nice too. Bev and Gary came back to the cottage for a cuppa before they set off home.

I wore this Scarlett & Jo dress that I like wearing, although I haven't in ages. I also put some make up on and was impressed with this liquid lipstick. I like it on me!

My eyebrows never behave themselves. And they never match. Sisters not twins, etc. 

I love this dress, it's so fancy with the pattern and the gros grain ribbon sash. It's sleeveless so I put my long sleeved cardigan on. 

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