Saturday, November 11, 2017

What I Wore October 9th

You've already seen that I was wearing my Girl Gang t-shirt on the Monday of our holiday, but I thought I'd show the outfit in full.

I love these Scarlett & Jo skirts, I do wear them a lot. Two of them, the mint green and yellow ones, are just one single layer so they're not overly warm in the autumn or winter. This one and the chiffon blue one, have three layers. A lining, a half layer of netting, and the skirt itself. This makes them much warmer, so I packed this purple one to wear on holiday. I also had my long leggings on underneath, which are from Evans, as opposed to the shorter Asos leggings I've been wearing most of the summer.

My girl gang t-shirt is relatively new and I love it. I particularly like the sleeve length. The day was quite warm so I just put my black cardigan on over the top, but took it off in the cafe. I also, on a different day, wore the t-shirt tucked into the skirt.

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