Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Week in the Yorkshire Dales - Day 4

I didn't take a lot of pictures on Tuesday. We had a late start to the day and went to Bedale. I'm pretty sure we've been there before but I didn't remember it too well. We went in a bunch of charity shops and craft and gift shops, we bought a couple of things but nothing spectacular. We went for lunch in Panettis, which was really gorgeous little bistro. I'd have liked to go there for an evening meal because it was really nice. As it was, I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toasted muffins. I can't remember what Lee had! A tuna sandwich, most likely (he eats a lot of tuna).

After Bedale we headed to Leyburn, which we definitely went to on our honeymoon twelve years ago. We had a little wander round. I bought myself this year's Yankee Candle advent calendar as it was only £22.50 in a shop! We visited a little chocolate factory on the way back, there wasn't lots going on there but you could see into the factory which was nice. Then we had planned to go to the tea room in Aysgarth as it was just a few doors down from our cottage, but when we got back to the village it turned out to be closed on Tuesdays. So we drove through to Bainbridge and got to the tea room there around 3.30. The owner told us that she was just doing drinks and cake, which was perfect for us! I had this amazing piece of chocolate slab cake, it was really delicious.

Lee had a long bath when we got back into the cottage. I did a little bit of writing but that was the only writing I did all week. I gave myself permission to just not worry about a daily word count. I can catch up in the rest of October and November, I'm sure. It felt nice to not worry. In the evening we had burgers for tea - beef for me, vegetarian for Lee. It was a lovely laid back day.

This was our cottage, the little green door in the middle and the window to the left of it and above. It was tiny but fine for two of us. 

At the chocolate factory were all these pamphlets by children about their visit, I really liked them 

The amazing cake

I wore this paisley print dress that I wore recently in York. Comfortable for wandering in! 

Finally, here are my Hufflepuff socks from the recent Harry Potter collection at Primark. I'm not that into Harry Potter, but I thought the socks were cute. I had often been told I am a Hufflepuff so I did a quiz and it turns out I am! Gosh. You can see my unicorm pyjama bottoms too, they're from Yours Clothing. 

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