Saturday, November 4, 2017

Week in the Yorkshire Dales - Days 1 and 2

Lee and I were away in the Yorkshire Dales at the beginning of October. We booked a week in this cottage in Aysgarth, which I would utterly recommend as it was really lovely and cosy. We set off on Satirday 7th October, took the cat to my grandma's and stopped for lunch on the way, then stopped at Morrisons in Ripon to buy shopping for the week. We really like to cook when we're away on holiday and had a list of meals to make.

We arrived at the cottage at just before 3pm and unpacked everything. It is a cottage for two people but it was spacious enough. In the living room was a big sofa and a chair, and the bed was king size, which gave us both room. There was also a huge corner bath which I'd prepared for by buying a bunch of Lush bath bombs. So the first thing I did was have a bath! I never have a bath at home as our bath is tiny, so it was a luxury to have one.

After my bath Lee had one too and thn we both got into our pyjamas to relax for the rest of the day. We've both been quite stressed and ill recently so to have time to just do nothing was just lovely.

On Sunday Lee's mam and stepdad came down from Durham to have Sunday lunch with us in the village pub. I've got separate photos for that so I'll do a different post, but it was lovely to see them. Once they'd gone we again got into our pyjamas and watched films for the afternoon. I'd taken a bunch of candles and having them lit really added to the cosiness of the place. In the evening we had "bits" to eat, eg lots of yummy delicious things. We had also made some Malteser cake to take away with us so we had that for pudding.

Anyway, here's a few photos of the first couple of days:

This was the tiny and very cute back garden with the hills of Wensleydale in the background. We didn't have great weather so couldn't use the garden, but there was a table and chairs if we had had better weather!

Malteser cake. This is the recipe, it's an Australian recipe and I don't know what "chocolate ripple" biscuits are, so we use Maryland chocolate chip cookies instead

On Saturday evening we had this salted caramel cheesecake from Morrisons, it was yummy

The candles on the right were shaped like little houses, my friend Sam bought them for me for Christmas ages ago and I finally used them. They were cute. The tealight is a Yankee Candle one

Here was the table laden with "bits". What does your family call this kind of snacky buffet meal? 

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  1. I'd call it an indoor picnic but my mum would probably say it's a buffet (with a hard 't')! Looks like you guys did desert right...