Thursday, November 23, 2017

Week in the Yorkshire Dales - Day 7

We kept it quite on our last day. We decided to go into Hawes but it was chucking it down so we didn't stay very long. We went in a couple of shops and had a drink in a cafe, but then set off back to our cottage. We looked at some of the flooding - we couldn't decide if this lake was meant to be as big as it was. We got back into the cottage and watched films all afternoon.

We'd already booked a table in the Aysgarth Falls Hotel, which turned out to be an amazing pub and I'd highly recommend it if you're ever in the area. There's a cosy bar area which does bar meals, but we were led through into the conservatory, which is a really fancy looking restaurant. The waiting staff were all so friendly and enthusiastic. Prices were really reasonable though! We shared some flatbread and hummus, which were homemade and really delicious. Then Lee went for a pizza which was stonebaked and didn't have too much cheese on, and chips. I had a deconstructed chicken "pie". It was chicken, leek, and mushroom in the most delicious creamy sauce, with a puff pastry lid. I had heritage potatoes and seasonal vegetables with it, I couldn't finish it all. I also had wine. We didn't have room for dessert.

I was glad we'd booked as the place was really full, but very cosy and lovely. I'd go again right now if I could!

We packed up most of the cottage on Friday night so that we could set off early on Saturday. We had to be out by 10am, so we got going around then. We picked Ivy up on the way home, she was staying at my grandma's while we were away. I think she was glad to get home as she wouldn't leave us alone!

Some photos of our last day:

I was reading this book while I was away, I liked it. As always, my book reviews are found here

Lee had taken this jigsaw to do, it's retro sweet advertisements. He finished it really quickly though which was good! I sometimes join in but I didn't, I was doing other things

On the way to Hawes you couldn't see the hills at all

Very very grey and dull

I liked this map of the Dales - it stood out from the frame

This is the lake we weren't sure about. We were pretty sure it had burst its banks somewhere. 

I finally finished this cross stitch! I started it 2.5 years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary but had been putting off the back stitching around the bears. The pattern was too hard to follow so I just freehanded it eventually. Up close I think it looks ropey but from afar it looks ace. I also finished off part of the heart that I'd left undone. I can see mistakes but I know no one else can! We're going to get it framed. 

Here's me in the pub 

Here's Lee in the pub

And here we both are!

My chicken pie. To be fair th menu also said it was a "pie". It was so delicious

And here's my outfit - the stripy dress I wore recently and my pink cardigan from Sainsburys. I like the pink, I feel it gives the dress a real pop of colour. 

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