Saturday, August 10, 2019

A New Tattoo!

At the beginning of July my friend Sarah and I went to The Needle and Ink tattoo studio in Penistone to get matching tattoos. We had been talking about it for a while, and then I saw an advert in Greggs in Penistone for this studio, so Sarah contacted them and booked an appointment with Emma.

We decided to get matching feather tattoos. It was my idea and I can't really say why. It was something about birds of a feather flocking together and something about flight and freedom and stuff. I'm not sure all tattoos have to have a deep and meaningful connection, you know? They can just be. Anyway Sarah was up for it. She talked to the tattooist about what we wanted and we made an appointment.

The studio is really airy and clean, I liked it. I could sit in the window while Sarah was getting tattooed across the room, meaning we could chat. Emma didn't mind if we took photos of her working too, which is nice. I went second. I had forgotten how much tattoos hurt, I think. It's been a while! The bit near my wrist was worst. The dots weren't so bad, they were done more softly. I don't think the photo is a good indicator of the size - it's around 4.5 inches long. It's the first tattoo I have that is almost on the top of my forearm, meaning that it's quite visible. That's okay! It's just different. But I do think eventually I'll end up with both arms covered in tattoos.

Sarah's is on her ankle, sort of bending round the front. I love the placement! I'm so glad we will always have these to match. I would definitely go back to the studio, too, Emma was really nice and I like her style.

You can just see the heart of my Yoshi tattoo on the left

And Sarah's!

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