Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Night Out in Huddersfield

In July Sam and Steph and I went out in Huddersfield for the night. We've done it two years preciously and it's always a nice night out with a lot of drink and fun. We'd had the date in the diary for ages and decided to go to TJ Thai and Japanese restaurant for something to eat. Sam was at work so we decided we'd meet up at Vox for a drink first.

I like Vox, they play indie music and have a bunch of different cocktails. We had three in there as it was quiet and we were chatting. Then we went to TJ, which I've not been to before. They've got quite a lot of vegetarian choices, so I went for vegetable gyoza and then tofu massaman curry with coconut rice. We each had a glass of plum wine as I'd liked it before, except this time it was more red in colour than the one before. The curry was absolutely AMAZING, it was so rich and spicy and delicious. I'll have to try to make it myself as I really liked it.

After food we went to Zephyr which is just a couple of doors up from Vox. We went there last year and sat on the mezzanine level which was nice, if a bit hot. We had two cocktails in there. They were playing 90s/00s pop punk which was SO much fun.

Then we went to the Cherry Tree and sat downstairs and had some pitchers of cocktails and got silly drunk. It was a lot of fun and I know we'll be doing the same thing next year!

I have decided this summer to try to bare my legs a bit more. It's hot and I need to cool down a bit, so I'm going to try to just not care what my legs look like. This dress is from Yours, I've had it ages but don't wear it very often. It is a bit short at the front but has a dipped hem at the back. I love the colour. I wore a underskirt underneath which makes me feel a bit less self-conscious about having my legs bare. It's an ongoing thing so let's see how I get on!

I've been having some skin problems on my eyelids and face, so I kept my make up simple with a little bit of powder, some brown mascara, and a nude lip crayon

Cocktails in Vox

And again - mine was a Boston Cooler and it was delicious

Really nice gyoza

Then one of the best curries I've EVER had, mmmm

I took this of all of us in Zephyr, it's a lovely photo I think

Selfie in the Wetherspoons toilet. My cardigan always fall off my arms, sorry. I do love the colour and pattern of this dress!

And finally here's Ivy at midnight when I got home, telling me off for being out so long!

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