Thursday, February 10, 2022

What I Wore December 10th

On December the 10th I went out for my work Christmas party. Now at this point I was starting to get really worried about Omicron, so I wasn't even sure I wanted to go, bur I did. We had some money to spend so my boss had organised for a meal and drinks at a hotel in Wakefield. I managed to not catch Covid so it was fine... but worrying all the same. 

I turned up at the same time as my boss was outside, which was good as I was quite anxious. I don't know everyone at work as even thought we're small we have different teams, and I'm only there once a week. I went in with her and then the curate Kathy turned up a little bit later (I work for a church!). She is a friend of my mum's and a lovely lady, so when we sat down we sat together which was really nice. The food was pretty decent for what it was, and my boss had paid for plenty of wine so I had a nice drink. I didn't stay really late especially because the music was rubbish, but I had good fun.

I wore my black and mint Yours dress which I really love, and I put some make up on. I love this picture of me and Kathy, it's lovely!

Me and Kathy looking nice and festive

In mint green when I got home!

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