Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Day Out in March

My aunt came to stay with us at the end of March. She stayed with us as my mum and stepdad were away, and she wanted to see my grandma for Mother's Day. She arrived on the Friday evening and we cooked veggie lasagne and did quizzes in the evening. On Saturday morning Lee and I had to go to Wakefield to buy taps (we're having the bathroom tarted up a bit) so we dropped Caroline off at the home where my grandma lives now before heading off. 

We got what we needed and food for Saturday night, then went back to pick Caroline up. She had asked if we could go to Elsecar Heritage Centre, a place I always like going, so we headed down the motorway. It was quite busy but we got parked and went in. It was blazing sunshine which was lovely - I feel like I often visit Elsecar in the rain. We had read that there was a street food market on. It took a bit of finding but once we did it was really good! Outside the old train shed were several street food vans, all with delicious sounding vegetarian options. 

I decided on halloumi tacos from the taco van. Lee and Caroline both got jerk type of bowls from a Caribbean van I think. We sat inside to eat. My tacos were absolutely gorgeous, really spicy and delicious! After that we went round the different shops in the centre. We each bought a few things. Lee and I spent a while in the record shop where he bought a few records and I bought a Kate and Anna McGarrigle one. I don't know much by them but I'm a big fan of Martha and Rufus Wainwright (Kate's children) so I was happy to spend £13 on it. I looked round the antiques centre hoping to find some sapphire earrings to go with the ring my mum bought me for Christmas, but there wasn't a lot of jewellery there at all. That's the thing though, things come and go. I'll find some earrings eventually!

We headed home mid afternoon, but it was a nice trip out. We listened to my new album, which turned out to be way better than I was expecting. Lee and I cooked curry - paneer, cauliflower and chickpea for me (all things he doesn't like) and chicken korma for him. That meant Caroline could have some of each, which she did. Mine was delicious. 

After tea we played Trivial Pursuit, obviously aided by kittens, who wanted to play with the pieces. We played a 1980s specific edition, so Caroline won to no surprise! It was a nice day though. I forgot to get a picture of my outfit, though! 

Halloumi tacos, so good!

Elsecar was looking gorgeous in the sunshine

Lee and I outside the craft shop

The vinyl I bought

I also bought a delicious smelling candle

Curry and pilau rice

And finally the cats trying to help...

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