Friday, May 27, 2022

Lunch with Philippa and What I Wore April 6th

I went to Sheffield on the 6th of April to meet my friend Philippa for lunch. On the way I dropped some stuff off at Sarah's and also this cross stitch for Robyn for her first birthday. I didn't make her anything when she was born so this was delayed! Sarah loves foxes so I chose a pattern accordingly. I used threads from my stash and think it looks lovely! It's done on black evenweave as I really like the finish that evenweave gives. I couldn't go in to Sarah's as the whole house has Covid (it currently feels like everyone you know has Covid) so I didn't stay long.

Philippa had chosen for us to go to Dysh, which is on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield near Endcliffe Park. I've not been there before, but I knew that children's book shop Rhyme & Reason is on the way, so I stopped off there next. I was pleased to see one of my friend Vicky's "Feminists for Trans Rights" stickers in the YA section. I had a good look around and bought a game which is a bit like Rock Band Go Fish, and a YA book. I only bought one book! A lot of stuff that appealed to me in the YA section is stuff I've already read. I need some intel on what's forthcoming! 

It was throwing it down in Sheffield and I was stupidly early, but I drove up the road to Dysh and went in. Our table wasn't ready but I was offered a window seat and a drink. The window seats are high bar stools which I usually struggle with but these were okay and comfortable. I got a decaf cappucino and I had packed my book in readiness, so I sat reading. Our table came free so I moved to it, and Pippa arrived not long after.

The menu isn't huge but they have quite a few vegetarian and vegan options, which is good. I also overheard a member of staff telling someone about their allergy advice, which seemed really comprehensive and I was pleased the staff member knew it off the top of his head. The breakfasts looked delicious and I would definitely go back for that, but I went for crispy cauliflower with katsu sauce, served with potato tots. The menu said they come on top of, but I'm not about that life, so I asked for the tots on the side and they very sweetly put them in a whole extra dish for me. Philippa had homemade fish fingers also on tots. We got two sides of buttered greens and wild mushrooms and shared both, which were lovely. 

The cafe has a lovely enticing display of cakes at the front, mostly muffins and cookies and with a cheesecake etc too. I went for a raspberry and white chocolate muffin, and a dark chocolate hot chocolate. Both were lovely! We sat for ages after we'd eaten - I would have felt bad but there was someone else in too so we weren't stopping them from closing. It was past 5pm once I got home! 

I pulled out this black Simply Be dress that I've only worn a couple of times since I bought it last autumn. I don't like the floofiness of the sleeves, so I pull them up to my elbow and think they look nice there. There's elastic in the cuffs which keeps them in place. I put the dress on and then went over to my back of Snag tights, intending to pull out either my footless or footed pair of black tights. But then I realised that the blue footless tights - the colour is called Beach Bum - matched the blue hearts in the dress perfectly! So I put those on for the first time. Now I will say that they seem to run slightly smaller than my other Snags. My friend Chloe said this can happen because of the different colour dyes, so I wasn't too surprised. They do still fit fine, but are just maybe a smidge tighter. 

My shoes are from Schuh, I saw an advert for them and had to make them mine. I love the cracked patent look to them. They're slightly too tight, but I'm hoping they'll loosen up the more I wear them!

The gorgeous cross stitch I did for Robyn! There are tons of mistakes in it so don't look too close

The YA section and pro trans sticker in Rhyme & Reason

The game I bought, I'll have to play it with Lee

Cauliflower katsu, on top was pickled carrots and thin fried leeks, I think

Tots! I could have eatewn a bucketful of these

Wild mushrooms, I do love a mushroom

Simply Be dress, Snag tights, Shuch shoes

A close up on the footless tights and shoes - isn't the colour of the tights just glorious?

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