Saturday, May 21, 2022

Out with Lee and Bettie and Jen and What I Wore April 2nd

On the 2nd of April Lee and I went to Sheffield to meet Bettie and Jen for food. We haven't seen them for ages so it was really nice to. We decided to go to Saigon 68, which is an excellent Vietnames cafe on London Road. It's always full of people and the staff are lovely. It feels like authentic food. Lee and I haven't been since before the pandemic so when Bettie suggested it we readily agreed.

We had had a quiet day in prior to that. Lee had had to go to the gym for a bath because the bathroom sealant was still drying, haha. I had been making Easter cards, also pictured below. I got dressed and we set off to Sheffield. 

I put on my Grace Petrie t-shirt, my Scarlett & Jo netted skirt, and my purple and black striped Snag tights. Bettie always wears black so I thought I'd go a bit goth like her for the occasion. I put my Dr Marten shoes on - I wear these most of the time because I can slip them on and off without unbuckling which makes them fast for me. I polished them the other day but noticed they were looking a bit scuffed again.

Quite often at Saigon 68 I have noodles - when I ate meat I used to have the three roast meat ones, and since I went veggie I've had it with fake chicken - but I fancied something different this time so I went for fake chicken red curry with egg fried rice. Lee said it would be spicy but he was wrong - it had a bit of a kick but wasn't too much for me. It was delicious! Lots of veggies as well as the fake chicken. Lee and I also shared some salt and pepper tofu which is always good, and Bettie and Jen did too. That dish alone is a reason to visit! 

Everyone else had noodles I think. We all enjoyed the food. They have plenty of veggie and vegan options so it's ideal. After we'd eaten we went to the pub next door for a couple of drinks which was nice. Then we went back to Bettie and Jen's for a bit before coming home around 10pm. Then straight to bed! It was a nice evening though

I bought a card making kit in TK Maxx a few weeks ago and made these ten cards with it

Fake chicken red curry - other food not pictured, sorry!

Ladz in pub

My outfit, I look a bit shambolic here, I'm sorry 

Close up on my tights and shoes, and yes we do have a Kwik e Mart doormat!

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