Thursday, July 21, 2022

Out for My Mum's Birthday

On the last Sunday in May we went out for my mum's birthday. Her birthday was actually the previous Friday, but she and my stepdad had gone away to Scarborough for it, so she had asked us to go out on the Sunday instead. My aunt and my cousin's wife were up too, and then my stepcousin N decided to come across too. My mum booked Qubana in Wakefield, where I've been a few times but not for ages, but I've always liked it. It's located in what used to be Barclays bank, so you can book the old vault for you privately, so my mum did that. It seats up to 10 people. 

We arrived at 6.30 and were greeted by a friendly staff member and shown into the vault. It's pretty cool - the table and chairs are lovely, and you can connect to their speaker, which I did, and put on a playlist of our music. There's curtains across the door. 

They have a few cocktails so I went for a Cuban Cherry which was gorgeous, I would have it again. They do tapas and then burgers and steaks and stuff. My mum, Niri, Beth and I all went for tapas. My stepdad had a steak and Lee had a chicken burger. 

I will say that I thought the vegetarian selection was a bit disappointing - perfectly fine but a bit heavy on rice and potatoes. I shared some bread with Lee to start with, then had patatas cava with tomato sauce and aioli, veggie jambalaya, and deep fried manchego. My mum and I shared some rose wine which was nice. 

I think everyone enjoyed their food, but service was slow. At around 8.15 we had only just had our mains cleared, and were discussing desserts. But my mum wanted us to go back to hers for a bit, and obviously Lee had to work the next day so I didn't want to be too late. So we decided to buy ice cream at the shop and eat that at my mum's rather than stay in the restaurant. It kind of felt like since we were in the vault we were out of sight and got forgotten a bit. It was a bit annoying especially as they could have sold us some desserts quite easily! 

But! It was nice to get together. I wore my Yours dress that is nice for a special occasion but easy to wear. It's black on the top and mint green and patterned on the skirt. I wore it with dolly shoes from Schuh and black footless Snag Tights. I also did some make up - just some concealer and a Models Own lipstick which I think is lovely on me! 

Here's my photos: 

Sitting in the vault!

A Cuban Cherry

Bread to start with, it was all nice

Veggie jambalaya

Deep fried manchego

Patatas casa

Me and Lee back at my mum's 

My black and mint green dress, I do love it

And Nirosha wanted to get in on the photo action too!

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