Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Trip to Filey - Day 2

On the Saturday of our weekend away we were all up quite early, so we had breakfast and set off for Filey beach at around 10am. We were really lucky and nabbed a parking space right on the front. We walked along and down on to the beach. It was quite cloudy, but the sun did peep through every now and then. We took a picnic blanket and took it in turns to paddle. The tide was coming in and it comes in FAST - the beach is really flat there and we kept having to move the picnic blanket back! 

We went up to the shops and bought ice cream and sat on a bench to eat it. It was a bit sunnier but not much, but nice and warm. We then went to Tesco to buy lunch and headed back to the holiday park. There was a tractor train that took people up and down the steep path to the beach, so we hopped on to that just before the driver took his lunch break. At the bottom there's a beach shop and some picnic tables and then the beach, so we ate our lunch at one of the tables before going on to the beach. We set up camp and again took it in turns to paddle - the water was much colder there than it was just a little bit around the bay in Filey! Weird! 

We got the bus back up about 2.30pm and got changed into our costumes to go swimming at 3pm. There's two pools on site - one indoor and one outdoor, which also has a lazy river and jets and water fountains etc. We spent the whole time out there, going round and round in the lazy river and chatting. It was sunny on and off, but lovely and warm and it was just so lovely. We got out at 4.30 when the session ended. 

In the evening Sam cooked fajitas with halloumi and a ton of veg, and we had more cupcakes afterwards which I had ordered from a baker in my village, they were so good. We also did face masks and had some fin and watched rubbish telly, as we usually do. 

Sam took this of her and Jac while they were paddling

And I took this one

Selfie of myself while sitting on the beach. I was wearing contact lense so I could put my cool sunglasses on

Sam and I while we were paddling

I liked this chunky seagull 

Jac paddling

Looking along the beach

Ice cream! I got it in an oyster shell, which I don't think I've ever had before

Waiting for the tractor train  at the top of the hill

Waiting on the train

Looking on to the beach from the picnic tables - it got very busy

Back at the entertainment complex now, here's Jac and Sam 

Phones weren't allowed in the pool areas which is a shame because they were absolutely gorgeous and I would really recommend the park

Fajitas on the go

Face mask time! 

Everyone looks terrifying in these don't they


And finally here's the sunset from the caravan

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