Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Holiday to France - Day 6

The Thursday of our holiday was forecast to be the hottest day, so we decided to stay in the gite and relax around the pool. It was hot and the sky was a gorgeous blue - if it had been like this all week my mum and I would have been happy, but everyone else would have complained it was too hot. Oh well! Here's some photos to make you jealous anyway (and myself to be honest as I'm not there right now)

My view of the sky from under the umbrella

View of the pool, again it was just so warm.

I had a different swimming outfit on. The tankini top was from Asos and has a wired bra top, which is a bit small for my boobs but oh well, and I was wearing black men's trunks from Marks & Spencer as bottoms. I was impressed because the tankini top didn't keep riding up while I was swimming and bouncing around. I took this photo and have had several comments on how nice my boobs look from friends - thanks!

The sun had this strange rainbow around it, isn't it pretty?

Lee and Jen reading in the shade

My mum sunbathing and Bettie about to float in the rubber ring

Later, we had a barbecue

My mum and stepdad

And finally, Lee and Bettie and Jen playing Scrabble by candlelight!

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