Friday, July 28, 2017

Holiday to France - travelling home

I've got just a few photos of travelling home. I don't like flying, but it's by far the best way to travel in terms of time taken. I packed my tablet in my handbag so that I could easily read, and I made sure I had sweets to suck at take off, both of which make me feel a lot better about everything. I actually don't mind once we're in the air. No one is comfortable while flying, especially not in a cramped, sold out Ryanair flight, but at least it doesn't last long!

Anyway, just a few photos of being in the air. I had a window seat and was next to my mum.

Here's Jen and I at Limoges airport. It is a teeny tiny airport with nothing to do, so sitting and drinking is pretty much all you can do

Taking off from France

The northern coast of France - a bientot, until next time!

Clouds in the sky

And finally,. here's the UK. On the way out we went over Southampton, but on the way back we flew over London. You can see the river and the Millenium Dome here! I liked that quite a bit. 

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