Sunday, July 16, 2017

What I Wore 9th June

On the last day of our holiday we headed to Brantome, a town not too far away, to visit the market. I've got a ton of photos from there, but my mum just added this one on Facebook which showed off my outfit, so I thought I'd post it. Well, my stepdad most likely added it, since my mum's at work, but hey.

I love this dress. It's from Asos and it's so odd. I get loads of compliments on it. I usually wear it with a green short sleeved cardigan but it wasn't clean after I'd worn it earlier in the week, so I put this pink one on instead. It's from Sainsburys and is really soft. I really like how it seems to lift the dress and make it look whiter maybe? I'm not sure. Definitely in love with this outfit, though.

My handbag is from Sainsburys too, I bought it a few weeks ago specifically for the holiday and it was really easy to carry but still fitted a lot in.

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