Friday, July 14, 2017

What I Wore 8th June

I wore this dress in the evening of the 8th, while on holiday. I find one of the worst things about holidays with pools is that I have to shower a lot more than I normally would to get the chlorine out of my hair, and then have to get dressed again - it's so annoying. I'm glad to be home and be able to let my hair does more what it likes!

Anyway, on the Thursday evening I put this dress on. I've worn it a few times before, like here, but for the past couple of years it's been in the back of the wardrobe as I felt like it was too short. However, I decided on holiday just at our cottage it didn't really matter, so I packed it and wore it anyway. It's really nice and cool, and I like the flounciness of it. I should just wear it anyway!

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