Sunday, July 23, 2017

Holiday to France - Friday afternoon

After our trip to the market we spent the afternoon in the pool and then, before we ate all the food we had left in the fridge, I took a few photos of the property. It is this property and I would utterly recommend it for a lovely place for a holiday. It's close enough to Limoges airport and to plenty of amenities, but it's also in the middle of nowhere and is incredibly peaceful. I would love to go back!

Lee was sweeping the pool cover before we got into it. We had had really heavy rains on Thursday night and it had blown tons of stuff into the pool.

Selfie taken while actually in the pool. I love this photo.

As the sun started to go down. We unfortunately got a hole in the rubber ring, although I'm hopeful it can be patched.

After my shower I put my new, spare glasses on. I love them, they're tortoiseshell

I had taken a new cross stitch on holiday and this is how far I got. It's a Winnie the Pooh one - you can see the beginning of Piglet at the bottom!

Joy and John have chickens and guests are invited to feed them. Here they were eating strawberry tops and were very hapy about it! I'd love to have some chickens, maybe if we had a bigger garden

Looking at the pool and the house. Our bedroom was the small window on the top left of the house.

So much greenery and space, I really loved it and felt really recharged and relaxed.

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