Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Holiday to France - Day 7 - Brantome

As I said, we headed out on Friday of our holiday to visit the market in Brantome. Norman and Jen decided to stay at the gite, so the four of us went off in mine and Lee's car. We got there about half past ten and parked along with a million other people in the middle of a field. We walked across the river and down some pretty streets before finding the market. I could have spent a fortune, but just got a few bits. If we'd been earlier in the week I would have bought cheese and olives, but as we only had one evening left it wasn't worth it unfortunately.

Brantome is a really pretty town and the market is well stocked. We had lunch in a cafe in the market place, which was really delicious. I had the hugest salmon salad ever and a cafe liegois, my first and last of the holiday. Next time I really must eat more ice cream.

View of the river from the bridge

Brantome is kind of surrounded by water, a river and a canl, meaning that it's sort of on an island. It's cool, I liked it

I love French little towns

And French little streets

And water

These tomatoes were absolutely massive

And I wanted to buy cherries, but I didn't

The water here is part of the canal, and apparently the canal was made by the monks of the monastery just to the right of the photo, and the water wheel was theirs

This bridge was a strange one, it had to span both the river and the canal so had a cute little dog leg in it

Looking across at the market

Cheese stall

This van did shoe repairs!

Lee decided this was the most French thing he'd ever seen 

The monastery

All French towns have a Rue Victor Hugo and usually a Rue Henri IV too

Cheers! Kir Royale to drink

Look at this beast. It was so yummy. I ate a lot of salmon on holiday, which is absolutely not a problem

This little cat wanted some of our lunch so of course my mother and I gave it a titbit each

My cafe liegois. Coffee and vanilla ice cream, with cold coffee and chantilly cream. Delicious

Walking back over the river to go home

I liked the reflection in this photo. I like Brantome a lot!

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