Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What I Wore 10th June

This is what I wore to travel home from France in. I had taken this dress as I had never worn it, so I was determined to. In fact, it even still had the tags on it. I know I got it from Simply Be, but I couldn't say when. It is a Joe Brown's dress so it'll have been in the sale as I rarely pay full price for them. I didn't wear it while we were away, but decided to wear it to travel home as the day was hot and I knew I'd be all hot and bothered on the way.

It's a cotton dress with one of those crinkly styles that make it perfect for travelling in. It has an elasticated waist and this cute faux button top. I wore it with my pink cardigan which made the pink roses on the dress pop. I found it really comfortable and I'll definitely wear it again. It has drawstrings on the shoulders in case you wanted to make them thinner.

I wore my Dunlop trainers to travel in because they're so comfortable and I knew I'd be in need of that!

We took this photo just as we were leaving the gite. The sun was shining and I really wanted to stay!

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