Friday, August 3, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - Day 5 - Jubilee Pool

So! On the Wednesday of our holiday we found yet another body of water to go swim in! Honestly, we didn't have a typical holiday for us at all, but thanks to the weather it was hard to want to do anything else than swim and sunbathe and chill out on beaches. Usually we go round tons of little villages, but it was just so hot, we didn't bother.

Anyway, after our trip to Hathersage Lido and how much we enjoyed that, I googled outdoor pools in Cornwall to see if we could find one nearby. Lots of them are on the north coast, but Jubilee Pool in Penzance wasn't far from us. So we set off and got to the pool around 11am.

It is huge. Like, I don't think the photos show you just how big it is. It's triangular, but at it's biggest, it is 96m like 50something metres. That's almost the same size as a football pitch! It is seawater, a bit filtered but not much. This means you can't see the bottom of the pool from not very deep. This is something I really struggle with, but I was really brave and we went across the pool and then to the very deep end. It is like 2.5m deep so REALLY deep! It is also really quite a swim!

We stayed mostly in the shallow bit after the trek round the whole pool. We got out and sunbathed for a bit, and then decided to stay a bit longer as we were having such a good time, so got some chips to share from the cafe. All around the pool are there gorgeous terraces to sit on and spread your towel out on, which was lovely. There were tons of people there. It is £5 to get in and as far as I could see there wasn't a time limit on that. It felt weird to me that the water was salty, though! The water isn't heated, so it is pretty chilly to get into, although they're hoping to add some kind of geothermal heating next year.

I would love to go back here - I'd love to be there right now! I recommend it!

On our way out we got ice creams from the cafe to eat on the way back to the caravan.

Me in the pool

And closer in 

History of the pool - I love the histories of all these old pools in Britain

Showing you the whole pool - it is absolutely massive

Lee on our way in. The sea is just beyond the tower there

Seagulls - I like them even though they're scavengers

Me sunbathing, so glamorous

It extends a lot on the left too. There's a shallower pool right on the left, but it wasn't open when we went.

How cute is the sign?!

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