Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - Swimming in the Sea

On Tuesday evening after we'd got back from Porthleven and Godrevy Point, we decided to get to the beach and go swimming. It wasn't too late and it was really hot. We packed some drinks into the picnic bag and set off to Poldhu Cove where we'd been on Saturday. We knew it was a nice beach and this time the sea was further in too.

The water was freezing! It took us ages to get in - the shoulders are the worst bit I always find! There was another couple having problems getting fully in too which was just funny. We were in there for ages, but eventually our hands were going numb so it was definitely time to get out. But I'm really glad we managed to swim in the sea because it's something I love to do and you just don't get the opportunity to do it that much in the UK! Lee enjoyed it too which was good.

We dried off in the sunshine, relaxing for a while on the sand. Then we went back to the caravan and had bits for tea as we'd had the big lunch in Porthleven.

Me in the sea! I hadn't yet managed to get my arms in as you can see

Alcohol on the beach is one of my favourite things

My ass and the sea

Lee hiding under his towel because it was too hot for him, poor lamb

Panorama of the beach. I promise there were more people than this around, but maybe they were all behind us at that point

Beach selfies

This is a gorgeous beach, I would recommend it

Bits! I love eating open sandwiches on holiday, is that weird?

Finally, I love this photo of myself. These foldable sunglasses came free with a bottle of Malibu that I bought, can you believe it? I can't wear sunglasses other than my prescription ones, but I really wish I could because these are perfect. I like this photo a lot - I made it my profile picture on Twitter.

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