Thursday, August 23, 2018

What I Wore July 2nd

On July 2nd I went to my craft group at Penistone library, I think I've mentioned it? It's mostly knitters and crocheters but other crafters sneak in. I took my cross stitch actually on this day. It was still really hot and this dress was at the front of my clothes as I'd taken it on holiday but not worn it.

I bought it six years ago for Lee's 30th birthday party. I went back in my archives to look, but I didn't start my blog until early 2013 so I have no record of it! But, I'm pretty sure that's the one and only time I've worn it, which is a shame because it's a really lovely dress in a really lovely shape.

I said how I'd binned my white cardigan, well I'd ordered this as a replacement and it arrived the day we got back from holiday. It's nice - not exactly like my old one but I like the fact it looks crocheted. I  might crochet a tie for it because I'd like it to be fastened somewhat. I slung it on over the dress and headed off to craft club.

I asked Jane, one of the organisers of the group, to take my photo after it finished. She was a bit bemused but did it anyway! Hence the photo isn't perfect, but even so. I love the colour of this dress and think it really suits me!

Use your local library because if you don't, the government WILL close them all!

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