Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - Day 7

We decided, due to the heat and due to the fact we had to spend Saturday in a car, that we would spend Friday round the pool. It was around 28 degrees which is plenty hot enough for us. We went to the pool around 10.30, just as it was heating up. There were tons of people there already though.

At lunchtime Lee went back and got stuff from our fridge, and we ate it at one of the picnic benches just by the pool. We had a Calippo each in the morning and then in the afternoon a Cornetto, which I'm only saying in order to prove just how warm it was! We sat in the shade for a bit in the middle of the day because we really didn't want to get burnt, but we ended up not leaving until they closed at 4.45. I love lazy days round a pool like this but you don't often get them on holiday in England!

Honestly, I'm sweltering at home a week later as I write this, so I'd really, really love to be back here right now!

Lee ended up borrowing my headscarf so he didn't burn his head!


I was wearing my hat - I bought it at Go Outdoors last year and while it's not glamorous it is quite cute

We had slushes at lunchtime

And then an afternoon ice cream

This is what I was reading, I finished it later that night

Pool in mid afternoon

And then at the very end of the day when everyone was leaving!

Finally me, looking sweaty, sun soaked, chlorine soaked, and ready for a shower!

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