Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Evening with Elly Griffiths

At the beginning of November I got tickets for Lee and I to go to an author signing by Elly Griffiths in Derby. I love Elly Griffiths (you can see my reviews of her books here) so was really keen to go, even though it meant driving to Derby. It was the closest place she was going, so we decided to go anyway.

We set off nice and early and had to wait a bit to get into the Waterstones, so we went to Costa for a drink first. Once we got into Waterstones we were greeted warmly and offered some wine or some juice.

Elly talked for a bit first, then read an extract from her new book The Stranger Diaries. She then let us ask her questions - I asked whether she answers to Elly now (her real name is Domenica de Rosa) and she said she does, even though her friends and family call her Dom. There were about fifteen people in the audience and we had a nice discussion about who would play Ruth or Nelson if the Ruth Galloway novels were ever televised.

I bought myself a copy of The Stranger Diaries and I had taken all the other books by Elly that I could find, so I got those all signed and had a lovely conversation with Elly. She follows me on Twitter so she knew who I was, and it was a real honour to meet her. I love the Ruth Galloway novels because they mix crime fiction with theology and myth, which I love. My favourite is The Janus Stone, which Elly said she was glad to hear because it's one of her favourites!

After the event we went to Yo Sushi for food; it was just closing so not everything was available but we still had a nice meal. When we got home there was a fracas going on in the shared yard outside our house, which wasn't nice at all and really ruined an otherwise lovely evening. But I'm really glad we went and that I got to meet Elly!

I wore this Scarlett & Jo dress because it's comfortable, and paired it with my reddish cardigan from George at Asda. I've been trying to wear some of my pin badges more often, so I wore this nautical star.

I also took this photo of all my signed books - don't they look lovely?

Elly while reading from her book

Me and Elly

A close up of the pin badge

All my books signed!

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