Monday, December 17, 2018

Films of the Month - October

I watched thirteen films in October. I also went to the theatre to see an amateur production of The History Boys with Sam. It was really good, all the actors were great.

Here's what I watched:

Lee and I watched this, always a classic

And this, which is one of our favourite films!

I was really excited to see Disobedience, because I'm really interested in LGBTQ+ films and in media about fundamental religious strands. This had both, and it is brilliant. Definitely see it. Both Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams are excellent in it. I read an interview with Naomi Alderman about how she wrote the novel Disobedience, and then I bought three books about Orthodox Jewish people, which I'm really interested to read.

Sandra Bullock is always great, so I liked this

Lee and I then watched Toy Story 2 which I think may be the weakest of the three but is still great

I was on a bit of a Rachel Weisz thing so I watched this. I liked it, it's very atmospheric. I haven't read the source novel, but Rebecca is one of my favourite books

Netflix recommended this to me; it's alright, nothing special

I'd had Gods and Monsters recommend to me and finally got around to it. Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser are both great, but I found it an odd film altogether.

It was nearly Halloween so I watched this, it's rubbish though

I don't really like Carey Mulligan but I did enjoy An Education. 

Someone recommended Been So Long on Netflix, it's really good. Very cute! It has songs!

I haven't seen the Little Mermaid since I was about ten years old, so it was on my list of Disney films to watch

Finally, it was Halloween so Lee and I sat down to watch a film. I like the South Park movie even though I know it's awful!

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