Sunday, December 9, 2018

Weekend in Chester - Day 2

This is a shorter post for the Sunday of our trip to Chester, as we didn't do very much. The thing is, my friends and I can have fun driving in the car with a playlist on, so it's fine. You better believe I'd made a playlist especially - this is a playlist of bands from Cheshire (plus a couple from Stockport - which used to be in Cheshire - because Cheshire bands are a bit thin on the ground).

We left the hotel just before eleven and drove through Chester a bit. We had considered going into the city on the Saturday, but I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with it currently, so I'm glad we stayed the other side of the county and that we went to the Spaceport too.

Sam and I had planned to go back to Huddersfield the scenic route, and meet up with Steph on the way. Steph is one of the best people that I've met through blogging and it's always lovely to see her. We'd asked Steph for pub recommendations near where she lives, so we decided to meet up at the Farrars Arms in Saddleworth. It was absolutely gorgeous, a really traditional old pub with amazing good. Sam, Jac, and Steph all had a roast beef dinner which looked amazing. I had a cheese and onion pie with chips. Then we all had sticky toffee pudding for dessert. The portions were really generous and the staff were friendly. I'd definitely go back!

I was wearing this purple dotty dress that I always wear - it's easy to put on and always feels great. It's effortlessly chic, I really like it. My cardigan is from George at Asda, it's really comfortable.

I had such a lovely weekend with my bestest friends!

Jac and Sam in the pub - Jac's jumper is from Next, I really like it

Me and Steph

Cheese and onion pie

Sticky toffee pudding

The outside. We drove back over the tops which were really foggy and rainy and slightly terrifying!

Dotty dress

That day's pin badge!

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