Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What I Wore October 27th

At the end of October we had friends over for lunch, we had brunch which was delicious, and then Tom and Lee played Mario Kart and Gillian and I played with their baby, Lily, who is such a sunny and gorgeous little girl. She was very excited to get into absolutely everything in mine and Lee's living room. It was lovely to see them.

When they'd gone I was feeling a little bit stir crazy; I'd been in the house all week and needed to get out, so Lee and I went to Pot House Hamlet near us for hot chocolate and cake. It was pretty late on, but they don't close until 5pm, so it was fine.

I had pulled out this really old Asos dress to wear, I had forgotten how much I like it and it's really cosy and soft to wear, but looks pretty good too. I put a basic white t-shirt underneath, and wore it with leggings.

I'd also painted my nails for the first time in weeks. This is Nomad by Illamasqua; it's a gorgeous matte ish green colour and it applied like a dream - I only needed two coats for really good coverage! I have a couple of others in this range and I really like them

I love this colour!

I was representing Slytherin (I am not apparently a Slytherin)

Victoria sponge

We both had hot chocolate - there was mini marshmallows underneath

I love this dress and this whole look even though it's a bit of a different look for me. I also hadn't realised just how long my hair had got until this photo!

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