Sunday, December 30, 2018

Slatterys in Manchester with Helen

As I said, I went to Manchester to see my friend Helen for lunch in the middle of November. I hadn't seen her in over a year although we chat on Twitter and stuff. I suggested going to Slatterys because I love it and I hadn't been in forever.

I set off to Manchester in plenty of time because I wanted to go to John Lewis to buy Lee a tin of Quality Street from there for Christmas. You could choose which of the varieties you wanted, with a minimum of three, so I bought him a tin! I'm sure he'll love them (I'm writing this before Christmas). I also got him a Quality Street advent calendar.

I got to Slatterys really early, but there's a really nice lounge to sit in to wait, and I'd prepared for this and packed my book, so I sat and waited. I was shown to my table when it was ready - Slatterys is always so busy that it's always worth making a booking.

Helen and I had lunch, a main and a pudding, and I had a hot chocolate (which is melted chocolate and hot milk) and Helen had a milkshake. I was a bit disappointed that the main course I wanted - pate and cheese on toast with chutneys - is no longer available. I had the ploughman's lunch but as I don't like gammon I had some breaded chicken instead.

Then I had the strawberry and marshmallow skewers which I LOVE, the chocolate in the cups is melted and it's so yummy.

Afterwards we mooched round the shop for a bit; I bought a fair few presents for people for Christmas, and I drove home listening to Christmas music even though it was a bit early!

I bought myself one of those hair wrap things and I've been finding it really good instead of a towel, but I do need to squeeze more water out of my hair before I step out of the shower. 

Wearing the scarf Jeni crocheted for me :) 

Hot chocolate and the little discs you get with drinks that are so delicious

Ploughman's lunch, it was really nice

My favourite skewers and melted chocolate!

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