Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Low Key Day with Friends

At the end of September Lee and I invited our friends Bettie and Jen over for the afternoon/evening. The four of us chat a lot on our group chat and we all get on well, but we hadn't seen each other for a bit. We decided to get together at our house to hang out and play some board games.

I had been out all week and was quite tired, and also quite sore. I live with chronic pain and doing a lot of things makes it worse. One of the worst things I find is wearing a wired bra for a number of days in a row. My boobs are too big for me to go braless, so I have a soft bra to wear around the house. I also wear it to go to the gym because it's much easier to put on when my skin is damp. It's a Naturally Close one, I got it on eBay for £12. I decided to just put this bra on because I knew Bettie and Jen wouldn't care, and because we were staying in the house anyway. Sometimes, comfort and easing pain is just more important. I hate bras, they're never right!

I also pulled on this top that I got from Asos forever ago, it's also very soft and comfortable. I swear I'm not wearing this skirt alllll the time, but I do wear it quite often!

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