Saturday, November 30, 2019

What I Wore October 19th

For Lincoln Zine Fest I put on this skirt, which I recently altered from a dress, and this t-shirt we made on camp, which I've decided to call my bike punk t-shirt.

The dress was one of my favourites, I love the skirt part and it has pockets and always made me feel so fancy. But the top was too short for me - if I wore it so that it came high enough up on my cleavage, the skirt elastic was pulled right up under my boobs which made the whole dress sit funny. If I pulled the elastic on to my waist, my boobs were exposed by the top part going too low. It was driving me mad. So I decided to just cut the top off. It's easy to do - I did it with another Scarlett & Jo dress fairly recently too and have liked wearing it as a skirt.

This is perfect now it's just a skirt. It has a lining and some netting, to make it stick out a bit. It's fancy but fun. I love it!

The t-shirt was one my mum did when we were camping because she was in charge of the bleach. I've worn it before, I love the pattern on it and felt the two items looked good together. I got some lovely compliments on the day about both the skirt at the top, so I think I was right!

I also put on my grey cardigan for travelling and for walking round town as it had dropped quite cold.

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