Saturday, November 9, 2019

Lunch Out and What I Wore 3rd October

At the beginning of October I went to Manchester - again - to meet up with my friend Helen and her little girl. We met on Twitter, weirdly, through some other people. We've met a few times in real life, and the first time we met up we went to Slattery's, a patisserie in Whitefield in Manchester that has an amazing dining room upstairs in the shop. I suggested we should go again, so we met just after E had finished nursery.

I set off in loads of time actually, and had quite a nice half hour sat reading in the waiting room, which was nice. We got a booth seat, too, which are really nice and make it feel like a really special occasion.

Miss E had meatballs and pasta from the kids' menu, Helen had a toasted sandwich, and I went for a cheese tartlet with pickles and chutneys. The savoury food is all really nice, I've never had a bad dish, but it's dessert that you're really there for. E had ice cream, Helen had an ice cream sundae, and I had strawberry and marshmallow kebabs with chocolate dipping pots. They are so delicious - all the chocolate there is! We had a nice time chatting and it was really lovely to see her!

I recently went through all my dresses, getting rid of some that I didn't wear anymore. I'll put them on eBay and hopefully make a few quid off them. I remembered about this dress, which is from Lindy Bop and which I really love. The bodice is a bit more snug than I would usually wear, but I love the dress so much that I don't care. The weather had dropped really cold so I pulled on this navy cardigan from Simply Be. I bought it a few months ago but hadn't worn it, but it's nice and soft and also provides enough warmth when the weather cools down a bit.

I also pulled on Simply Be leggings and my ankle boots so that my feet were warm on the drive across!

While I was out a man was at out house mending a pipe that's been broken for a really long time, I'm so glad to have it off my mind and hopefully our cellar will stop flooding quite so much!

Dark chocolate hot chocolate - literally hot milk and chocolate and you stir it together yourself, and it's delicious

Cheese and onion tartlet and salad - it was very pleasantly cheesy

Strawberry and marshmallow kebabs with dipping pots

I took this picture in the disabled loo because I was sure I would forget when I got home... The colour of the dress isn't very apparent

But I remembered when I got home, so Lee took this better photo! I love this dress, I really ought to wear it more often! It's a size 26 from Lindy Bop and fits me fine, albeit a little snugly

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